Today’s Web is a shopping mall.

It is populated by struggling creators, relentless advertisements, and dominated by large chains and fast-food services.

There isn’t much room for mid-sized businesses, and customers and workers alike barely interact with each other.

You don’t feel comfort at this mall, all you can feel…

Dinner DAO: How to Have Your NFTs & Eat Them Too!

Unlock Grantee Austin Robey recently concocted one of the most practical applications of NFTs I’ve seen using Unlock’s protocol: Meeting IRL over a great meal.

The first Dinner DAO!

Inspired by the logic and tooling of DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), Austin’s Dinner DAO…

30 years into the web’s history, micropayments still aren’t a part of our daily lives. It’s one of the great unsolved mysteries — why didn’t this promising system take off, and who, if anyone, is responsible for its early demise?

As the world wide web soared in the 1990s, many of the systems envisioned by its early architects saw rapid development. But micropayments, which had once been described as an essential nutrient for any web system, seemed to be dead in the water.

There are arguments for micropayments. One is…

Fixing the web involves taking care of Creators.

Creators have three options for surviving online: closed marketplaces, recurring subscriptions and invasive advertising. It’s time for something new.

You’re in an arcade.

This arcade has a million machines.

Instead of coin slots, the games have different payment methods. Some are ad-supported, frequently pestering you with annoying pop-ups. Others won’t let you play until you enter your credit card. …

Amber Case

Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology. Research Fellow at Mozilla Foundation, Advisor at Puma Browser and Unlock Protocol.

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