Browsers Reimagined

Discovery on the web has room to grow.
Stumbleupon was a website and a browser button that allowed anyone to surf interesting websites and categories of content in a single click.
Bookmarking systems like Delicious helped educators compile and organize information from coursework. The website and bookmarklet took was beloved by many information-gathering communities.
The Delicious homepage in 2007.
Security, safety and privacy have opportunities to be more transparent and informative on the web. is a great tool for building mobile-first websites directly on the phone.
  • Webring-inspired systems to create more focused sub-regions of the web
  • Built-in support for important extensions, and a better system for managing them.
  • Better managing of bookmarks, with more options for sharing.
  • Integrated support for wallets, payments, and other monetization tools.
  • Visual indicators telling users which sites are gathering data and where your data is going.
  • Browser-supported web development tools for mobile platforms.
  • A general shift back towards independent content.



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Amber Case

Amber Case


Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology. Research Fellow at Mozilla Foundation, Advisor at Puma Browser and Unlock Protocol.