Grant for the Web — Feedback from 8 Creators 1 Year In

Grant for the Web is a 100 million dollar program aimed at supporting creators and innovation in Web Monetization and Open Payments.

Grant for the Web — Feedback from Creators One Year In

Ampled —Austin Robey

Austin is the co-founder of Ampled, a Brooklyn based ethical web platform that allows musicians to be supported by their community with direct, recurring payments.

Jesse Von Doom

Kokayi Walker

Artist Rescue Trust

Web Monetization School’s short video series.

Akita — Sharon Wang and Elliot Evans

Hessel Van Oorschot

Free Music archive and a Tribe of Noise

Sultan Akintunde

Andy Baio

XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon

Takeaways, a Web Monetized game without ads for Coil subscribers.

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Amber Case

Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology. Former Research Fellow at MIT Media Lab and Harvard BKC. Co-founder DAO DAO.