We’re Missing an Entire Universe of Web Payments: How to Fix the Web for Creators

Fixing the web involves taking care of Creators.

Creators have three options for surviving online: closed marketplaces, recurring subscriptions and invasive advertising. It’s time for something new.

The truly ridiculous experience of trying to read a single article from dailymail.co.uk. Clicking on any article without a hefty ad blocker delivers results in a complete disaster. In this case, all available content was covered by five distinct advertising zones, including a full moving video that would re-load if cancelled.
There are not many ways for individual creators, communities and collaborators to sell digital assets that don’t fit into subscription or medium transaction models. Image courtesy of the author.
Not every site benefits from a Subscription model. Sometimes you want to just buy a single article, but you don’t want to take out your credit card or pay more than a quarter. Creators who aren’t producing frequent content, or who cannot afford a payment system get left out of subscription models. Some turn to Patreon, advertising, or Gumroad.
We must do better.
Features that a crypto-based Web Wallet for creators could provide.
A micro-revenue model for the web, backed by cryptocurrency, could provide a way for multiple authors of a single digital asset to be paid, even when it is included in another product offering.

Design advocate, speaker and author of Calm Technology + Designing With Sound. Research Fellow at Institute for the Future. Caseorganic.com

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