The Current State of Micropayments and Web Monetization

The entire surface area of The Guardian’s UK Website is covered with ads and popups.

What exactly has changed?

Ebay and Paypal helped sellers get comfortable with the idea of selling individual items online.

Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies


The Interledger Foundation is a non-profit advocate for the web, promoting innovation, creativity, and inclusion by advancing open payment standards and technologies.
Coil uses a new, open technology called Web Monetization to enables streaming micropayments — aka tiny fractions of a penny — to instantly flow to websites as you read, watch and listen.
Cinnamon uses web monetization to help creators monetize their videos without advertising.
Rafiki, an All-In-One Solution for Interledger Wallets.
Puma browser is the first browser with native support for Coil and Interledger.


Image from
Unlock Protocol is a protocol that allows anyone on the web to provide NFT-based memberships to their communities.

Micropayments in Action

Skittish allows people to talk with each other in the form of small animals in a virtual environment. Image courtesy Skittish.




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